Mark Nowlin

For nearly 40 years Mark has been active in the Art Association. Advocating for the drawing program as a crucial core offerings, Mark believes in strong classical skills as a necessity for all artists. Likewise he believes artists need to experiment with all mediums before favoring just one. Art is the connector of all other disciplines including science, math, engineering, and chemistry.

Mark graduated from University of Wyoming in English and received an additional degree in Art . He owned and operated The Master's Studio, a frame and art supply store, for 33 years. His family built and operated The Nowlin Creek Inn, a bed and breakfast, for 8 years. He spent three summers at Dirty Jack's Theatre, a local summer stock theatre. He served on the Teton County Historical Society and Slim Lawrence Museum Board, where he initiated the merger of those two groups. He also served on the Jackson Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment, for 3 years and Jackson Town Council for 4 years surviving the Albertson's and Smith's developments, the Porter Annexation debacle and the land transfer from School District to Center for the Arts effort.

While now divorced, he raised a family of two daughters and enjoys three grandchildren and making his art.