2018 Creative in Residence

The 2018 Pavilion Project, produced by Jackson Hole Public Art in partnership with Center for the Arts’ 2018 Creative in Residence program, and designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects is both a sculpture and a venue. Situated in The Center Park, The Pavilion will welcome performing and visual arts, exhibits, and classes. It will be an open spot for spontaneous gatherings, accessible programming, and inspiration.

Opening Celebration of The Pavilion

When: June 27th, 5:30-7:30 pm
Where: The Center Park
Free & Open to the Public

Schedule of Events

5:45 - 6:00 Dancers' Workshop Junior Repertory Company

6:00 - 6:15 Ribbon Cutting & Remarks

6:15 - 6:30 String Lake Trio


Town Enclosure, will exist as a sculptural object and as a backdrop for the various activities this community park supports but it is much more than a sculpture. Created from a circular composition of timber panels, The Pavilion and the space it creates are both transparent and opaque according to one’s position and perspective. The enclosure is only fully experienced via movement around and within the object. An intervention within The Center Park,Town Enclosure, is an armature for celebration of creative activity, performance, and discovery.


-No amplified sound will be permitted after 9pm.

-No use after 9pm.

-Venue is available for free to nonprofit and artist groups, reservations are managed by The Center.

-Structure is subject to Jackson Town permit approvals, etc.

Pavilion Installation May 17 2018

Pavilion in Progress May 18 2018

Pavilion in Progress May 17 2018


Jackson Hole Public Art and Center for the Arts announced in the Fall of 2017 that Carney Logan Burke Architects was selected to construct the 2018 Pavilion in The Center Park as part of The Center's Creative in Residence program. Their concept titled, Town Enclosure, was selected from a pool of 10 submissions that included local architects, landscape architects, builders, and artists.

To identify the finalist, Jackson Hole Public Art conducted a blind submittal process. The identity of the artists was concealed from the selection panel until after the finalist had been identified. Only then were the applicants’ qualification packages revealed in order to ensure the team had the professional experience to carry out the project. The blind submittal process was used to ensure the concept was selected based purely on the merits of its design, verses panelists gravitating toward a known entity.

The selection panel identified Town Enclosure as the concept that most clearly served the dual goals of being a sculpture and a gathering space.

"Town Enclosure will exist as a sculptural object on The Center Park lawn and a backdrop for the various activities this community park supports but it is much more than a sculpture... Created from a circular composition of timber panels, The Pavilion and the space it creates are both transparent and opaque according to one’s position and perspective. The enclosure is only fully experienced via movement around and within the object," stated Carney Logan Burke.

Cities and towns across the country embrace informal gathering and performance areas that welcome creative community. From outdoor theaters, to bandstands and band shells, amphitheaters and stages, these spaces are free and open to the public − inviting serendipity and providing a platform for expression. The 2018 Pavilion will offer Center Residents, non-profits, and community groups an inspiring place to test free, accessible, gateway arts experiences with the public. A space that supports informal programming will help build future arts audiences and raise the visibility of the vibrant art making that takes place within The Center, benefitting The Center and its Residents.

“This privately funded opportunity was only open to local artists and architects in order to highlight the incredibly talented pool of creative professionals working in Jackson,” said Carrie Geraci, Jackson Hole Public Art Director. “I wish we could fund all of the concepts. Each would be a wonderful addition to public spaces throughout the valley.”

The Pavilion Project will serve as the 2018 Creative In Residence program, a new program through The Center Creative Initiatives program. Jackson Hole Public Art proposed a local design competition to erect a Pavilion for the summer of 2018 that will be both a sculpture and an accessible space where community artists and groups can practice, perform, and offer free and informal arts programs and experiences.

The project's partners are completing a private fundraising campaign to support the 2018 Pavilion budget. Next steps include the development of construction drawings, engineering review, obtaining any required approvals, followed by fabrication, with installation completed in June 2018.


The power of landscape, the quality of light and the simple honesty of vernacular architecture influence the work. Each endeavor is guided with the firm’s philosophy in mind – inspired by place. Since our inception in 1992, the Jackson studio has grown to accommodate a staff of more than 40. We maintain an informal and collegial atmosphere that encourages individual creativity and teamwork in an open, collaborative environment. Visit www.clbarchitects.com for more information.


Jackson Hole Public Art forges partnerships for the integration of art into any environment, to inspire lasting cultural, educational and economic benefits. As public art practitioners, JHPA works to activate our community’s gathering spaces with temporary and permanent sculpture that reflects community character and values.

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Carrie Geraci, Executive Director

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The Center is a hub for the artistic, cultural and creative activity in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are fueled by innovation, inspired by collaboration and proud to share our 78,000 sq. foot campus with 19 inspired local, regional, and state-wide non-profit organizations who call The Center home.

About The Center’s Creative In Residence Program

The Center’s Creative in Residence Program provides support and space for guests to work at The Center along with the artistic community by highlighting an interdisciplinary process and resulting in an impactful and inspiring end product. Selection for the Creative in Residence opportunity is by invitation from The Center's Creative in Residence committee consisting of Center Board members, community members, and Center staff.

Carrie Richer, Creative Initiatives Coordinator

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