Jackson Hole Wildlife Symposium Keynote Speaker Dan Wenk

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Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative presents

Ecosystem management of national parks in the 21st century
Jackson Hole Wildlife Symposium Keynote Speaker
Dan Wenk

Friday, March 8 • Center for the Arts • 7:00PM


National Parks have been a part of our public lands for almost 150 years with the establishment of Yellowstone National Park in 1872. Management of our national parks has evolved throughout history. The balance of management for both the preservation of resources and appropriate visitor use is often management of values in conflict. Once seen as islands, and managed within the exterior boundaries, now understood and managed as a part of larger ecosystems presents another set of challenges and opportunities. Managing parks and their natural systems is more complex as competing values for natural resources management, passive and active recreation must be balanced. All of this exists in a political structure that is constantly changing and evolving. Dan Wenk will discuss challenges that park managers face today and his perspective on the future of national park management.

About Dan Wenk

Dan Wenk’s career spanned over 40 years with the National Park Service. His first park management position was Superintendent of Mount Rushmore National Memorial in 1985 and moved on to the Director of the Denver Service Center, the National Park Service National planning, design and construction office then accepted the position of Deputy Director of Operations for the National Park Service all leading to the Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park from February of 2011 through September of 2018. Throughout his career he has approached park management with the preservation of resources as the preeminent value of all decisions made for the future of our national parks.

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