Resident Matching Fund: 2019-2020


While The Center subsidizes rental of the Theater, Lobby and Park, we know the cost is still substantial. Recognizing this, The Center has sought out dedicated financial support to reduce costs of our venues to Center Residents. In May, 2019, a generous donor committed $12,500/year for the next five years to support the fund; additional funding in 2019-2020 is provided by a grant from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.


● Matching grants are limited to 50% of total rental costs, with a cap of $1,200 per request.

● Grants are only available to Center Resident organizations to defray Center Theater, Lobby, and Park rentals.

● Grants are administered through The Center's Development Office. The simple application form is below.

● Center Resident organizations may apply only once their event date is

reserved and a contract is generated by The Center's Event Services Director, Marty Camino.

● Each Center Resident organization may request two grants per calendar year. Funds will be available on a first-come, first-served basis until the funding for the year is depleted.

● Applications will be reviewed by The Center's Development Office within two weeks of submission.

● Approved grant funds will be distributed directly to Center Resident organizations after the event and once settlement is completed.

● Matching grants funds will not be released until we receive a simple final report form. The final report form will be provided by The Center.

We welcome your questions and comments, please contact Oona Doherty, Creative Initiatives Director, at or Anne Ladd, Development Director, at