Riot Act, Inc.

We are a theatre of community consciousness and artistic accountability. We are a fluid collective of artists who provide a place to explore collaboratively, make our own artistic decisions, take risks, start a riot!

Riot Act, Inc. prides itself on its grassroots, community-driven approach. Involving community members from all walks of life to produce quality theatre remains a top-priority. Our artists, volunteers, and most audience live and work in our community.

We pride ourselves on affording opportunities to actors, directors, costume and set designers of all levels of expertise, including those who are new, to experience their craft in an environment that is nurturing, educational and nonthreatening. Open auditions are held and new people are urged to audition and are frequently offered major roles that allow them to grow. New directors are urged to direct one of the one act plays in the series of shorts. Often veteran actors, directors and designers mentor and nurture those who are less experienced. Experienced actors or specialists, ie stage combat for example, assist with direction, stage management, workshops that are offered.

Individuals, who are interested in theatre, but do not want to act, are invited to assist with costume and set construction, sound and lights, backstage crew, and ticket sales. Every production takes countless volunteers who provide artistic talent, muscle, organizational skills, and backstage assistance, plus promotion, venue selection and computer skills in managing sound and lights.

Offering our community easy access to cultural offerings strengthens the entire community by creating shared experiences. Riot Act's productions offer residents the chance not only to view quality theater and support fellow community members, but it gives many of them the chance to express themselves artistically. Whether it's on stage as an actor, or behind the scenes building sets or running lights, theater provides a necessary outlet and encourages creativity among all those involved. From those who have always harbored dreams of the theater to youth exploring what could become a career, opportunities like these change lives for the better.