About The Center

The Mission

To connect our creative community by providing a dedicated campus, supporting excellent programming, and nurturing a collaborative spirit.

The vision

The Center is a hub for the artistic, cultural and creative activity in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are fueled by innovation, inspired by collaboration and proud to share our 78,000 sq. foot campus with 19 inspired local, regional and state-wide non-profit organizations who call The Center home.

BRIEF History

In 1991, Jackson-based arts organizations, artists and concerned community members collectively recognized that increasing rents in inadequate facilities threatened Jackson Hole’s local arts organizations.

With a $1000 grant from the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, a plan for a shared facility was born.

Over the course of five years, a needs assessment, existing facilities assessment, site selection study, feasibility study and an economic impact study all supported the need for an art center in Jackson. Construction of the facility was completed in 2007, and today Center for the Arts, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and 78,000 square foot campus, serves all of Jackson Hole and the surrounding region by pursuing its dedicated mission within the walls of our creative campus.