Photography Policy


As a hub for arts and culture in Jackson Hole, Center for the Arts is a popular location for photographers. While personal photography is encouraged at The Center, it must be conducted without disruption to events or other visitors.


Personal photography and videography during events in The Center Theater is not permitted unless authorized by the Presenting Organization. Photography of special exhibitions or works of art is subject to advanced authorization by the artist(s). Casual photography is permitted around The Center’s campus subject to the following conditions.

Visitors may:

  • Take casual photos for personal use only.
  • Use handheld cameras, cellphones, and tablets with the flash turned off.
  • Post images from their visits on personal social media sites as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.

Visitors may NOT:

  • Use tripods, lights, selfie sticks, drones, or other external equipment.
  • Sell or publish the images.
  • Use the images to promote any outside product or service.
  • Block hallways, doorways, walkways, or other high traffic areas.

Visitors must:

  • Maintain a safe, non-touching distance from all artwork.
  • Respect other visitors enjoying The Center.

Center staff have the authority to approach and verify the intent of all photography on The Center campus.


Photo shoots that are works for hire, involve client photography, or involve the exchange of money for a service rendered require approval and are subject to a site-use fee. Such use includes but is not limited to wedding or engagement photos, professional headshots, senior or prom pictures, and family portraits. Please note:

  • Portrait photography must not disrupt Center operations or visitor experience.
  • Some works of art on our campus may be under copyright. Additional information will be provided upon request.
  • Indoor shoots are allowed only in lobby spaces, galleries, and other public areas.
  • All external equipment such as tripods, lights, and props must be approved in advance.
  • If you have rented a portion of the facility for an event, no additional fee applies for photography as long as it remains within the confines of your rental.

If you are uncertain how this policy applies to you, please contact our Event Services Director.


Photography and film shoots for commercial purposes must be approved and scheduled in advance. This policy applies to all advertising (print, online, broadcast), retail merchandising, promotional materials, extended web usage, filming for movies, documentaries, or television (other than editorial footage), and photography for books or products intended for sale. Commercial shoots are subject to a site-use fee as well as insurance and liability requirements. If any copyrighted artworks appear in the photos or film shoot, it is the user’s responsibility to obtain necessary permissions and pay required fees to the artist, estate, or rights representative for any commercial use of copyrighted material.

The Center reserves the right to review all requests and approve or deny them at our sole discretion.


Members of the media may photograph or film on The Center campus for the purposes of news coverage. Arrangements must be made in advance with the Marketing Director or Event Services Director. Media shoots require a Center staff member escort.


Personal photographs may not be published, sold, or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes. The Center reserves the right to withhold or withdraw permission to photograph on the premises for any reason. Failure to adhere to these guidelines or staff direction may result in being asked to cease activities and/or leave the premises.

Questions? Please contact us:

Jenny Graham, Marketing Director - 307-734-8956 x113;

*Please allow at least five business days for our staff to process your request.