Prescribe: Poetry Apothecary Livestream

Presented by Center for the Arts and Jackson Hole Writers

Prescribe: Poetry Apothecary Livestream
Tune in to this page on Thursday, July 23 at 6 pm, for a live session from The Center stage. You can also view the stream at facebook/TheCenterJH.

Join us for a short poetry reading live from The Center stage. We have invited doctors and health care professionals to read a few poems that they would “prescribe as a remedy”. Matt Daly, curator of the Poetry Apothecary exhibit will be the evening’s MC. Presented by The Center in collaboration with JH Writers as part of the Poetry Apothecary Exhibit curated by Matt Daly on view at The Center until July 31st.

About the Poetry Apothecary Exhibit:

Poetry Apothecary is a collaborative collection of original poems and visual artworks made by local poets and artists who acknowledge the power of poetry to serve as a balm, a poultice, a splint, a placebo, a treatment, a remedy, a prescription, and perhaps even a cure for some of what ails us.

Featured readers include:

Matt Daly
Writer & Poet, Assistant Director of the JH Writers, Program Host

Dr. David R. Shlim, M.D.
Dr. Shlim pioneered travel medicine research and is the co-author, with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, of Medicine and Compassion, a book that offers advice from a Tibetan Buddhist lama on methods of training in compassion for health care professionals.

Daniela Peterson, MA, LPC
Daniela Peterson is the founder of La Familia Counseling. She has been providing mental health services especially for Spanish speakers locally for the past 12 years. Daniela started providing counseling services in her native Spanish addressing her clients’ unique language and cultural needs. In 2007 Daniela was given the Starfish Thrower Award from the Wyoming Department of Health, for creating the first Spanish speaking substance abuse outpatient treatment program in the State of Wyoming and in 2014 Daniela was recognized by the Division of Victims of the State of Wyoming for her outstanding work with victims of abuse.

Giovannina Anthony, M.D.
Dr. Giovannina Anthony specializes in gynecology, obstetrics, and women’s health. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Dr. Anthony attended the University of Southern California, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. She stayed in L.A. to earn her M.D. degree also at USC, which is home to one of the busiest obstetric units in the country. The intensity of that unit affirmed a desire to devote her career to women’s health.

Travis Riddell, MD
Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Riddell earned his B.S. from Stanford University in Environmental Science. He received his M.D. and Masters in Public health from Oregon Health & Science University and completed his pediatric internship and residency at the Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics. Dr. Riddell took over ownership of Jackson Pediatrics from Drs. Little and Ridgway in January, 2014 and is the Teton County Health Officer.

Mimi Scofield- Violinist
Growing up in a musical family led Mimi to take up the violin at age 4. She studied with the noted Samuel Applebaum, and Oscar Ravina of the NY Philharmonic and played concertmaster in the NJ Youth Orchestra along with attending serious summer music seminars and programs throughout her youth. She is founder of the JHSO, a community string orchestra and String Lake Ensemble, a professional performing group. Mimi is also a member of Slip ‘N The Jigs, an Irish/Celtic/Bluegrass band. Mimi has been a violinist with the Idaho Falls Symphony Orchestra for over 20 years and the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra for 5 years. When she’s not busy preparing for her next concert, Mimi enjoys gardening, taking care of her chickens and dog and spending time with her incredibly supportive and awesome husband and family.