Susan Durfee and Joseph Cipro exhibit at St. John’s Health

Presented by Center for the Arts and St. John's Health

Painters Susan Durfee and Joseph Cipro exhibit at St. John’s Health
July 24th 2020 - June 2021
View art online here.

Wyoming artists, Susan Durfee and Joseph Cipro, exhibit their paintings in the St. John’s Health Professional Building as part of the Art and Healing program, an ongoing collaboration between the Center and St. John’s Health Foundation. Their show is titled, NOTICE: leave no stone unturned and will be on display until July 2021.

Healing one’s health or one’s soul is part of a quest. It is a journey to learn more, asking questions, and being open to what is revealed. The Art and Healing program inspires the artists, and those walking the halls of St. John’s Health Professional Building to look within themselves to find the focus and peace to begin healing.

Susan and Joseph’s Artists’ Statement refers to this process:
In your search for answers - approach with an open heart, eyes, and mind. You may be blessed with answers. Truth is the fruit of knowledge.


About the Art and Healing Collaboration:

Artists for Art and Healing are selected jointly by The Center and Hospital Foundation teams and reflect evidence-based best practices around art for healing spaces. Past artists include Alissa Davies, Sue Sommers and Isabel Rucker. Artwork is for sale, with a small percentage of proceeds going to support future Art and Healing programs. Artists are selected based on the art and healing criteria, such as colors and compositions that are considered soothing and uplifting.

Health care facilities are not often thought of as places to display and view art. Nonetheless, all healthcare facilities are designed to focus on creating environments that welcome patients and their families and facilitate positive wellness and clinical outcomes. Over time, art has been recognized as not just a decorative tool but as a critical component of a healing environment. Research increasingly shows that patients who are exposed to art that is calming, positive, and affirming have lower rates of pain, shorter hospital stays, and generally experience better clinical outcomes.